What is a Wool Block and GI Stasis?

A Wool block occurs when the stomach fills up with rabbit hair. Usually during a molt.
It can be a partial blockage, complete blockage, or just makes the rabbit feel full when it isn’t. Rabbits with wool block will not likely eat as much and as a result can lose weight. This can cause a lazy digestive system , constipation and gas build up.

Gas/bloating is very painful for rabbits. If a rabbit has gas/bloat it will be in a lot of discomfort, hunched up in it’s cage and likely grinding it’s teeth. A vet is recommended in this case, if you can’t get to a vet here is what I’d do. The stomach acid can’t break down or dissolve hair. Therefore I want to help the rabbit pass (poop) the hair out a little bit at a time. If the rabbit passes a large amount of hair all at once it can cause a complete blockage in the intestine. When a rabbit gets a blockage of hair, quite often the rabbit pellets and other food will bind to the mass. Just like a clogged sink drain full of hair, the food and solids will become trapped in it, this causes a larger mass. When I suspect a wool blockage here are some things I do; Pineapple juice (fresh ), Fresh pineapple, papaya fresh or tablets, to help remove the pellets and food stuck to the hair (clean the hair off). Some breeders use Meat tenderizer. I thought this really weird except they’re only using the pineapple enzyme based meat tenderizer (concentrated pineapple enzymes). There are other kinds, like tomato based and chemical based tenderizer’s so I don’t know why they just say tenderizer.

GI Stasis is when the normal movement of the guts slows or becomes static. This can happen when the rabbit stops eating for a number of reasons such as sudden weather change (extreme heat or extreme cold), illness, recovering from an operation, Poop ball, Stress, dehydration, etc.


Let us know your experience with Wool Block.