Rabbit Supplies

Everything that your rabbit needs for happy home.
Rabbit Bowls

Rabbit Bowls

Before you pick a bowl for your rabbit, it helps to think about what your rabbit will be eating and how. Rabbit’s naturally spend a lot of their time eating. A bowl is one of the first things most owners get when kitting out their new rabbit’s cage.

Rabbit Carriers

Rabbits are easily stressed and their transport represents a challenge. The carrier used for transporting should, thus, be sturdy so as to protect the animal from exposure to the environment as much as possible and prevent escape.

Rabbit Food

Rabbit Food need to be healthy and balanced. Rabbits have a very sensitive digestive system. The main thing to remember when selecting rabbit food is how important it is for proper digestion, more energy, soft fur, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Rabbit Bedding and Litter

Rabbit litter is the product used inside a litter tray, used for rabbits that are enclosed in a small area or kept in the house. This is where rabbits go to the toilet and can be trained to do so.

Rabbit Beds

This is very important for rabbits; their own private sanctum where they won’t be disturbed. Rabbits spend a lot of time sleeping, mostly during the day.

Rabbit Toys

Good rabbit toys and treats are ones that allow interaction and give rabbits the opportunity to perform their normal behaviours, such as digging, chewing, chin marking and jumping.