Rabbit Housing

Check out the different types of rabbit homes.

Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit hutch is used as a cage for housing rabbits. This type of a cage can be also used for small animals as quails, ferrets, ground squirrels, hedgehogs, chickens. If you want to have a rabbit as pet its best to provide him a big as possible hutch for playing and exercising. Its important for your pet to be able to stand up and also stretch out twice the body length.

Rabbit Cages

Taking care of your rabbit includes giving it a healthy diet, lots of love and a proper rabbit cages. Cage for your rabbit needs ti be cleaned on a weekly basis. This helps to keep rabbit clean and safe from various diseases and infections. At this point, you may be wondering what type of cage you should even buy. One of the first things you will need to do is collect information about your breed of rabbit.

Rabbit Condos

Rabbit condos are just like cages on floor, they are one way to give your rabbit the space they need while minimizing the amount of floor space dedicated to his/her housing. If want building rabbit condos you can use wood, metal, re-purposed furniture, and other materials to build a rabbit condos. One thing to note is that you should never build a rabbit enclosure with chicken wire because rabbits can chew the wire and hurt themselves.