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Bekah’s Cottontail Cottage is a small rabbitry, located in southwestern Ohio. We raise Holland Lops and Thriantas and do our best to produce healthy show quality rabbits!

Bekah Jordan
Thrianta, Holland Lops
Amathamdir Rabbitry

Amathamdir Rabbitry is in the Columbia, SC area and specializes in raising show quality Thriantas, Mini Lops, and English Spots (Black and Gold). There are normally always babies and adults available for sale. I have been breeding and showing rabbits for over 27 years. I have been a member of ARBA since 1991 and am a licensed ARBA Rabbit Registrar.

Debra Dolph
Thriantas, Mini Lops, English Spots
Q-Berry Farm

Breeder of Thiantra. Silver Fox, California Small breeder of Show Quality and Meat Rabbits

William Quisenberry
Thrianta, Silver Fox, Californian

We are currently a small rabbitry in Central Virginia. Some of our rabbits are used as therapeutic bunnies for troubled teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. Currently we have only 33 holes but are working hard on expanding. We hope to add some Mini Satins and Holland Lops in the future.

George & Gwen Larue
American Tan, Thrianta, Mini Rex, Flemish Giant
Hippity Hop Rabbitry

I’m a small rabbitry. The breeds I raise are the breeds I love. All rabbits are handled from birth and have a great temperments. I’m a 4-H member and belong to several rabbit clubs as well as being registered with ARBA.

Zackary Lavoie
Holland Lops, English Lops, Thrianta’s, and Silver Foxes

We are a dedicated and caring ranch that practices good animal husbandry; the science of breeding, feeding, playing, snuggling, showing and enjoying and tending domestic and farm animals.
The Encyclopedia Britannica describes animal husbandry as the Controlled cultivation, management, and production of domestic animals, including improvement of the qualities considered desirable by humans by means of breeding. Animals are bred and raised for utility (e.g., food, fur), sport, pleasure, and research.

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