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Kruschinska Farms
Kruschinska Farms

We are a family owned and operated rabbitry and poultry farm in beautiful Northern Michigan. We breed New Zealand White’s for sale as meat at farmers markets. If you need breeders we sell our previous years breeders during the early spring months.

Charles & Anita Kruschinska
New Zealand Whites
Bacon And Eggs Rabbitry

We breed and raise pedigreed:
Mini rex: tri, harlequin, blue, black, chocolate, lilac, magpie, chocolate otter, black otter, lilac silver marten, chocolate silver marten. (Broken varieties also)
Velveteen lop: tri, harlequin, black tort, black (broken)
Tans: black, blue

Amber Bowers
Mini rex, velveteen lop, tans
Romestar Rabbitry
Romestar Rabbitry

raising Belgian Hares and Tans

Kathleen Garland
Belgian Hares and Tans

We are a small Rabbitry, specializing in Black and Chocolate Tan’s.

Rino Ferreri

We will have more stock available Summer/Fall 2013. Please contact us if you have rare breeds or know someone traveling from the states that would be willing to bring a rabbit. Maybe they’re going to a show nearby? We are conservationists and raise rabbits for meat, fur, show and most importantly to preserve genetics. All of our livestock are rare breeds and/or rare varieties. We are always expanding our rabbitry, adding more rare breeds/colours. Some animals may be sold with pedigrees. Breeds include: *Flemish (all colours), some with pedigrees – we are looking forward to what our buck out of 26lb and 27lb parents produce. *New Zealand (red, blue, black, white, agouti chinchilla) – if you have dark red NZ please contact. *Silver Fox – last known breeders in Ontario, we bought out Nancy’s stock. Thanks Nancy! Black and the rare blue. *Giant Chinchilla x blue silver fox (experimental breeding due end of June 2013). *D’argents, various colours *We are also looking for a buyer for the pelts *We are looking for more rex rabbit genetics – standard, not mini.

Sasha Deanna
Silver fox, Giant flemish, Giant Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, German Angora, Giant Angora, Tan, Champagne d’argent, English Spot, English lop, Rex, Satin
Snsbunnies Rabbitry

We love and care for rabbits and enjoy showing.

Steve & Susan Rogers
Tan, Florida White, Thrianta