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Wallace Family Farm

We raise show, pet, and meat rabbits. Our small operation maintains around 30 rabbits. We have New Zealand's, Californians, Dutch, Lionheads, Chinchillas, and several cross breeds. They are all handled and cared for with love.

Laura Wallace
New Zealand's, Californians, Dutch, Lionheads, Chinchillas, and several cross breeds
Lakes Area Rabbitry

Welcome to Lakes Area Rabbitry. Located in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Our rabbitry is located in Brookeland, Texas near Lake Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. We breed and sell Chinchilla, Californians, New Zealand, Mini Rex and Lion Head rabbits.

Ed Smith
Californian, Chinchilla, Lion Head, Mini Rex and New Zealand
4 Kings Rabbitry

Quality black banded Dwarf Hotots

Lindsey King
Dwarf Hotot, Standard Chinchilla
Jennifer Stephenson

Californian and mini satin chinchillas available.

Jennifer Stephenson
Californian, Mini Satin Chinchilla, Californian

My husband and I love bunnies.! We believe they make wonderful companions. Our farm began with us saving 3 wild babies from being eaten by our dog. After saving those three we started saving bunnies from neglected homes, loss of attention,being sold as meat, or to help out another rabbit friend to make space at their farm. We have a wide variety of bunnies. We have Flemish Giant, Satin, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Tri Color,Lion Head, Netherland Dwarf, Dutch, Siamese, American Fuzzy Lop, and Chinchilla. The main way we have the bunnies organized are in groups that work together (which are mostly all female), individual cages, or one female and one male together. We look for great homes for whatever babies come to be to share the companionship and fulfillment that these bunnies have given to us. We are trying to get our rescue farm off the ground, so currently we are not in any bunny societies. We can provide birth dates, pictures and any other information you need! If you have any inquiries or you’re interested in any babies, send an email!

Michelle Ferguson
Mini Lops, Flemish Giants, Satins, Holland Lops, Tri Color, Lion Heads, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, Siamese, American Fuzzy Lops, Chinchillas
JEL Rabbitry

We are a small breeder that has a limited supply of Standard Chinchilla Rabbits. Our rabbits are are well kept, show quality rabbits with lineage available upon request. We are located in Grimes Iowa, just a few miles North-West of Des Moines. All of our rabbits are fed a pellet staple with supplemented timothy hay. We are always more than willing to answer questions, so please feel free to contact anytime.

Justin Lewis
Standard Chinchilla