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Woodstone Rabbitry

I raise rabbits for mostly my own enjoyment, do some showing and raise some for meat.

Ginger McCurdy
Rex, Mini Rex, Silver Martens, Mini Lops, Satins, New Zealands
B & B Rabbits

I breed and raise purebred Silver Marten rabbits. Right now I have a very small set-up (only two full-grown rabbits), but I hope to expand very soon. The Silver Marten breed can be used for pets, showing, and meat. All my rabbits for sale have been handled since birth and would make wonderful family pets.

Marlayna Batchelor
Silver Marten
Kalli Deatherage

Growing rare breeds rabbitry in NW Colorado

Kalli Deatherage
Silver Fox, Silver Marten and Creme d’Argent
Rabbit Heaven

My husband has been in the rabbit business for over 10 years. We now work together to breed and sell pet rabbits and meat rabbits and we wholesale to local farms and businesses. We have over 14 varieties of rabbit breeds as well as a few mixed breeds. Our rabbits are well-maintained and loved by us with the help of our children. We enjoy rabbit farming and love seeing our happy customers with their precious pets. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business!

Ashley & Braden Jones
Tan, Satin Rex, Californian, Harlequin, Tan Marten, Brown Marten, Silver Marten, Dwarf, New Zealand, Polish dwarfs, Netherland, Lion Head, Mini Lop, Lilac, Dutch, Mini Rex.
Broken Branch Rabbitry

Raising: Black Silver Marten, Hotot, Black Himalayan, White New Zealand, Champayne De’Argent. Currently we do not have anything available for sale. Getting ready for Becker County Fair (July). Have four 4-Her’s. Will post upon availablity. Will also put you on my contact list if interested.

Becky Kertscher
New Zealands, Havana, Silver Marten, Himalayan, Thrianta

We are a family run rabbitry. Our focus is producing top notch show prospects that are kept as pampered pets. Our rabbits thrive on a high quality diet, fresh water and plenty of toys and large spacious caging. We occasionally have breeding stock for sale.

Carrie Van Wert
Silver Fox, Californians, Dwarf Hotot, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, French Lop, Holland Lop, Havana, Himalayan, Silver Martens, Netherland Dwarfs, Lionheads, Jersey Wooly, Velveteen Lops, Rex, Mini Satin, Satin, and Thrianta.