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Fraser Valley Angoras

We want to provide high quality Satin/Angora bunnies which are show quality with pedigree if requested. We are willing to breed for customers looking for high quality bunnies. Our first batch will be in March when our babies are 6 months old.

Alla Hatton
Satin Angora
Wilds Rabbitry

Small family run rabbitry raising Mini Rex and Satin Angora. All our babies are handled from birth. Pet, show and brood stock available.

Karin Wilds
Mini Rex, Satin Angora

We specialize in purebred and pedigreed bunnies that are given plenty of room to breathe and display all their bunny antics. We strive to keep our bunnies well groomed and loved so that they are as healthy and happy as possible when they go home with you. Our current breeds are Satin Angoras, English Angoras, BEW Netherland Dwarfs, and we are looking forward to adding German Angoras to our herd.

Allison Booth
English Angora Satin Angora Netherland Dwarf
Moonstone Angoras

Our rabbitry is for producing fine wool for spinning and weaving.

Jim and Ellen Hunt
German, Satin, & English Angoras
Wascally Wabbit Ranch

We focus on meat breeds and fur breeds. We breed Silver Fox black, blue, and whites. We breed New Zealand white, red, and black. We breed French and Satin Angoras. We are looking for German Angoras to add to our herd. We have an American Blue doe and are searching for an American buck to breed her with.

Dan Anderson
New Zealand, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Californian, French Angora, Satin Angora
Gray Haven Farms

At Gray Haven Farms we breed to the ARBA standard of perfection for satin angora. We are members of the ARBA, NARBC, TRBC, and TARC.

Dana Faber
Satin Angora