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PlushHeart Rabbitry
PlushHeart Rabbitry

PHR specialized in the true Mini Plush Lops! These adorable bunnies are 2 to 3.5lbs, have super velvety soft rex fur, fun and mellow personalities, a cute plush animal appearance, and they SHED LESS! Our rabbits are decendants of Devie D'Annaballe's original stock and are raised with our family for yours!

Alice Moore
Mini Plush Lop
Bean Sprouts

Located in Tucson, Az we are a 3 generation family effort raising social rabbits for pets and hardy rabbits for self sustaining meat raising families.

Right now we raise Satins, New Zealands, Rex, Plush Lops and a Flemish New Zealand combo.

We always take in surrenders and love helping independent families learn how wonderful rabbits can be. Text 520-449-6255 to inquire about current stock. Prices range from $40 to $75

This ad last updated March 24, 2018

Satins, Rex, New Zealand, Plush Lops, Flemish meat crosses
Sweet Dream American Fuzzy Lops & Mini Plush Lops

We specialize in pedigreed, purebred American Fuzzy Lops that are SMALL, beautiful, health, very sweet with a gentle disposition. Their longer beautiful fur is easy to care for.
We will be adding MINI Plush Lops to our rabbitry as well. They breeding stock will be only Pure Breds, no mixes, of the highest quality coming from the Original Debbie Deville line!!! Which is so important for this breed.
We breed with ethics, integrity, love and a lot of full time work to produce the perfect, socialized, stunning pet bunny for you!

robin muchnick
American Fuzzy Lops
Mini Plush Lops
HF Farm

We are a small family owned and operated farm in Rockmart, GA. Our main focus is breeding quality Mini Lops and Mini Plush Lops. We breed and raise descendents of the original Mini Plush Lop herd of Devie D'Annaballe of Ohio. All our babies are raised in our house for daily interaction and love!

Jessica Hendrix
Mini Plush Lops and Mini Lops
White Pickets Farm
White Pickets Farm

Small family rabbitry specializing in mini plush lops!

Mini plush lops
Mini rex
Holland lops
Ideal Acres
Ideal Acres

Located in Clayton County Iowa. Specializing in Mini Plush Lops. We breed and raise descendents of the original Mini Plush Lop herd of Devie D'Annaballe of Ohio. Perfecting the breed and raising quality rabbits! Also breeding Mini Rex rabbits. Message me for details on these darling bunnies!

Rebekah Rucker
Mini Plush Lops, Mini Rex