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Sleepy Shepherd Farm

Focusing on Argente brun’s, but have all 3 colours. We breed pedigrees rabbits for show, breeding, and meat (also for dog RAW, Prey Model and B.A.R.F diets). Our rabbits are very affectionate, well handled and socialized with children, they are our pets with a job. Pastured and rotated in the summers, naturally raised without antibiotics in small family groups.

Yvonne Seeley
Champagne d’ Argent, Argente Brun, Argente Lilac, Britannia Petite
Rabbit Heaven

My husband has been in the rabbit business for over 10 years. We now work together to breed and sell pet rabbits and meat rabbits and we wholesale to local farms and businesses. We have over 14 varieties of rabbit breeds as well as a few mixed breeds. Our rabbits are well-maintained and loved by us with the help of our children. We enjoy rabbit farming and love seeing our happy customers with their precious pets. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your business!

Ashley & Braden Jones
Tan, Satin Rex, Californian, Harlequin, Tan Marten, Brown Marten, Silver Marten, Dwarf, New Zealand, Polish dwarfs, Netherland, Lion Head, Mini Lop, Lilac, Dutch, Mini Rex.

Show and pet quality Lilacs and Velveteen Lops as well as Sebastopol geese and Muscovy and call ducks.

Caitlin Hampton
Lilacs and Velveteen Lops
MC Rabbitry

We raise rabbits as a family hobby. Each of the kids have one or two breeds they call their own. I have Lilacs and Rex. My wife now has Silver Martins. We are very involved in 4-H and ARBA. I love to help people get started in the rabbit habit. If I don’t have the breed of rabbits you’re looking for, I have plenty of friends with other breeds that I can try to hook you up with.

Ryan McBride
Rex, Dutch, Lilac, Mini Rex, Mini Satin, Rex, Satin, Silver Marten
K&M’s Rabbitrys

We are located in Southern Indiana, Breeders of ( Show, Breeding, & Pet Quality ) rabbits Please visit our website. If you are looking for a special breed that you can not find please contact us, If we don’t have what you are looking for we will try our best to point you in the right direction! If we don’t answer please leave us a message and we will respond A.S.A.P.!!!

Mary Coomes
Flemish Giant, Mini Rex, Lilacs, Jersey Wooly, & Holland lops
Mulberry Farm Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry that raises rabbits with a commitment to natural and sustainable practices. Our rabbits make the perfect pet, 4-H, or meat animals. Check out our website to see our animals for more info and to contact us!

Tara E.
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, Lilac/American mixes, Harlequin mixes