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Small rabbitry that breeds Jersey Wooly and Holland Lop rabbits. Show/Brood and Pet stock available.

Carrie Jenner
Jersey Wooly, Holland Lop
D and B rabbit- tree
D and B rabbit- tree

Small rabbitry located in Beeville
Texas. We strive for quality in our babies, not quantity. We are proud of our bunnies and welcome visitors.🐰

Hotot-Holland lop,Mini Rex , Jersey Woolys, New Zealand's
D and B rabbit- tree
D and B rabbit- tree

A small rabbitry located in Beeville tx.
We strive for quality, not quantity. So it has to be first come first serve.

Bobbie- or Dale
Holland's, Hotot, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex and N Z's
Bunnybee Rabbitry

We have been raising rabbits for a year now my husband and I. We have flemish giants and just started getting into the Jersey Woolies and New Zealands. Our Flemish are sold as pets breeding and meat.

Emma Jokinen
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, Jersey Woolies

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Jodi W
American Fuzzy Lop, Lionhead and Jersey Woolly

Me and my daughter purchased our first French Angoras in the fall of 2011 and fell in love with them instantly. We recently took our Angoras to a rabbit show and it was a wonderful learning experience. We not only had a lot of fun but we learned where we can improve our Angoras. So we are breeding to ARBA confirmation standards and colours as well as looking to improve wool length and improving their commercial body type. Our bunnies are handled daily and well socialized by our whole family including 3 young children.

Katrina Paxman
French Angoras, Jersey Woolies