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Shannondoe Rabbitry

We have around 100 holes, we run on the average of 45 Flemish Giants.

Doris Brady
Flemish Giants, French Lops, Mini Lops, Satin, Giant Chinchillas, Mini Satins

We will have more stock available Summer/Fall 2013. Please contact us if you have rare breeds or know someone traveling from the states that would be willing to bring a rabbit. Maybe they’re going to a show nearby? We are conservationists and raise rabbits for meat, fur, show and most importantly to preserve genetics. All of our livestock are rare breeds and/or rare varieties. We are always expanding our rabbitry, adding more rare breeds/colours. Some animals may be sold with pedigrees. Breeds include: *Flemish (all colours), some with pedigrees – we are looking forward to what our buck out of 26lb and 27lb parents produce. *New Zealand (red, blue, black, white, agouti chinchilla) – if you have dark red NZ please contact. *Silver Fox – last known breeders in Ontario, we bought out Nancy’s stock. Thanks Nancy! Black and the rare blue. *Giant Chinchilla x blue silver fox (experimental breeding due end of June 2013). *D’argents, various colours *We are also looking for a buyer for the pelts *We are looking for more rex rabbit genetics – standard, not mini.

Sasha Deanna
Silver fox, Giant flemish, Giant Chinchilla, American Chinchilla, New Zealand, Californian, German Angora, Giant Angora, Tan, Champagne d’argent, English Spot, English lop, Rex, Satin
Little Giants Rabbitry

We are a small hobby rabbitry, located ten minutes north of Orangeville Ontario, raising quality rabbits, as well great pets! we are currently raising Flemish Giants, Giants Chinchillas, White New Zealands, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex’s and soon will be adding a pair of beautiful Holland Lops. We have over 15 years of experience raising rabbits. Feel free to check out our website, for more info and pictures, and for updates on what we have available.

Little Giants Rabbitry
Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchillas, New Zealand White, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Rex, Holland Lops
Lapinlande Rabbitry

I have been raising rabbits for four years. I am located in Wendover Ontario. I sell rabbit meat to neighbors and friends. I own approximately 40 adult rabbits all through winters and I have been selling over 50 rabbits for the meat during the past two years. I am always buying and selling live stock for anyone interested. I have been having trouble with the small types such as Harlequin and Dutch. Cold weather seems to be harder on the small rabbits.

Gaëtan Lalande
American Chinchillas, Californians, New Zealands, Broken, Rex, Harlequin, Dutch, Polish, Giant chinchilla
Lil Tails Rabbitry

I continue to strive to improve my lines and staying within the guide lines of the Standard of Perfection handbook . I am a member of ARBA,National Federation of Flemish Giants,Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association, and the National Silver Fox Club and the American Satin Rabbit Association. I feel very strongly about only producing the best I am a hugh animal lover and I want to keep every breed up to and beyond the standards. I also have 4 dogs (german Shepherds which i breed as well and a mini aussie ) I raised rough coat collies and siamese cats for years and growing up we had tons of pets all the I love what I do… 406-370-6331

Flemish Giant Rabbit Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Silver Fox Rabbit
D.G. Rabbit Co.

Show rabbits. And custom hutches. I only raise and sell show rabbits, not meat rabbits.

Dustin Gunter
Californians Californian Satin Netherland dwarf Himalayan Giant Chinchilla Mini Rex