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Shawve Angoras
Shawve Angoras

I breed quality French Angoras, I sell show quality/brood stock and occasionally woolers to be spinner companions. I am a spinner and knitter as well and offer classes to teach others how to use the wonderful fiber that comes from their rabbits. I am working on Chinchilla, Agouti, fawn, and harlequin/tri color in French Angoras. I might have occasional Giant Angoras. please feel free email me.

Shawna Vencel
French Angora Giant Angora
Dandelion Fluff Rabbitry

We raise pedigreed French Angora rabbits for gentle fur harvesting as well as lionhead/Netherland dwarf mixes to sell as pets.

Kim Southwell
French Angora, Lionhead/Netherland Dwarf mix
Dandelion Fluff Rabbitry

A mother/daughter team raising French Angora fiber rabbits

Kim Southwell
French Angora
Dominion Farm Fibers

I raise French angora rabbits for wool and pet purposes. They are raised with children from the day their eyes open as babies and they are one of the gentlest breed of rabbit you can get. My rabbits are housed outside and enjoy the lovely Michigan breeze from spring to fall. They love hanging out with the kids, nibbling grass and being groomed.

Lydia Swanson
French Angora
Maestro Rabbitry

Breeding pedigreed and breed conformed high quality French Angora and Lionhead rabbits. All rabbits come with pedigreed paper, information kit, and food starter kit.

GIl Lewinsky
French Angora, Lionhead

Me and my daughter purchased our first French Angoras in the fall of 2011 and fell in love with them instantly. We recently took our Angoras to a rabbit show and it was a wonderful learning experience. We not only had a lot of fun but we learned where we can improve our Angoras. So we are breeding to ARBA confirmation standards and colours as well as looking to improve wool length and improving their commercial body type. Our bunnies are handled daily and well socialized by our whole family including 3 young children.

Katrina Paxman
French Angoras, Jersey Woolies