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Bean Sprouts

Located in Tucson, Az we are a 3 generation family effort raising social rabbits for pets and hardy rabbits for self sustaining meat raising families.

Right now we raise Satins, New Zealands, Rex, Plush Lops and a Flemish New Zealand combo.

We always take in surrenders and love helping independent families learn how wonderful rabbits can be. Text 520-449-6255 to inquire about current stock. Prices range from $40 to $75

This ad last updated March 24, 2018

Satins, Rex, New Zealand, Plush Lops, Flemish meat crosses
Blackberry Creek Mini Farm Rabbitry

GA Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Pet Breeder/Sales Lic 36104417 Various breeds of rabbits; Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Champagne D'Argent, Standard Rex, Harlequin, Lion Head. All are pet rabbits/show/breeders. We offer with and without pedigrees. Handled daily. The latest pictures and litters are on www.facebook.com/BCMFarm or www.bcmfarm.com

Sherry Amerson-White
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Champagne D'Argent, Standard Rex, Harlequin, Lion Head

Give me a call if you are looking for purebred holland lops. I have the small, blocky head, smashed look faces and shorter ears of the true holland lops, also the smaller weight of around 3 lbs.

Jodie Waller
Holland lops
Oak Summit Farm

At Oak Summit Farm we produce quality pedigreed rabbits for brood, pet, market and show.
Our breeding program consists of three breeds, New Zealands, Flemish Giants and Holland Lops. We are a small rabbitry that focuses on quality and strives to better the breeds we deal with to the best of our ability. We have the harder to find black and broken black, as well as REW New Zealands. Our Holland Lops are offered in many colors including tort and brokens. And our Flemish Giants are something we are very proud of, in colors of Sandy and Fawn.
We love the rabbit for it’s versatility and value them as prized livestock and beloved companions. We often have quality breeding stock for sale and young bunnies that make wonderful pets.

New Zealand, Silver Fox, Flemish Giant
Black Lamb Rabbitrie
Black Lamb Rabbitrie

We offer Rex and Flemish Giant, kits and breeding adults, for show prospects or pets. Partnered with the Rocking DM to offer Mini rex, Argent Brun and Lion Heads and transport services.

Catrina Swenson
Rex, Flemish Giant, Lion Head, Argent Brun and Mini Rex. Adding New Zealand soon.
Hoppy Haven Rabbitry

My goal at Hoppy Haven is to offer high quality, pedigreed show and breeding rabbits as well as meat rabbits from various breeds. I love everyone of my bunnies and want the ones I sell to find good homes where they will be loved and cared for. I am learning more about breeding colors together as well for the best traits.

Michelle Oviatt
Holland Lop