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Heartland Rabbitry

At Heartland, we strive for excellent quality rabbits with excellent temperaments as well. Preserving the rare breeds is extremely important to us! We mainly focus on Cremes, since they are our main and favorite breed!

Champagne D’Argent Rabbit Creme D’Argent Rabbit Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Blue Springs

We specialize in breeding pedigreed Silver Foxes. We added Blanc de Hotot in late 2015, and we recently just added Creme D’Argent and Argente Bruns. We attend several shows a year, and we are improving our stock to meet the SOP for all of our breeds.

Christina Hacking
Blanc de Hotot Silver Fox Blanc de Hotot Creme D’Argent and Argente Brun
Kalli Deatherage

Growing rare breeds rabbitry in NW Colorado

Kalli Deatherage
Silver Fox, Silver Marten and Creme d’Argent
White Oak Rabbitry

We typically have 5-15 does of each breed that we raise except for Giant Chinchillas, New Zealands, Tamuks, and Americans, of which we have 40 to 200. We are constantly looking to expand our breeds and are hoping to extend into Giant Angoras, English Lops, and Flemish Giants soon. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. We love assisting other rabbitries or rabbit enthusiasts.

Stephen McCullah
Giant Chinchilla, American, Texas A&M Tamuk, New Zealand White, Crème d’Argent, Dwarf Hotot, Dwarf Lionhead, Dutch, Thrianta, Standard Rex, French Lop, Palimono, Harlequin, Jersey Wooly
4 Winds Rabbitry

Have been raising rabbits since 1998!

Jody Somers
Rex, Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Silver Fox, Creme D Argent

We are a Christian based rabbitry in Northwest Florida. We are registered rabbit breeders and members of ARBA, ADHRC, VLCRA, HLRSC & APRC. We support and encourage youth to participate in our local 4-H and FFA programs. We enjoy teaching families about the the benefits of raising rabbits, proper housing and nutrition, the different purposes of rabbit breeds as well as how to enjoy the simple companionship that raising rabbits can provide. So, whether you are considering adopting your first bunny, or have been raising rabbits for years, we’re sure to have exactly what you are looking for! We are constantly growing and improving our breeds to be able to provide you with the best quality rabbits possible.

Ann Roney
French Lops, Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Velveteen Lops, Champagne D’Argents, Creme D’Argents, Polish & Dwarf Hotot