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Mad Hatter Rabbits

Mad Hatter Rabbits is a family rabbitry located in Flagstaff, AZ. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry breeding purebred, rare rabbits toward the ARBA Standard of Perfection. Our rabbits are happy, friendly, and bred for success starting your own self-sufficient protein source or to be used for rabbit shows.

JJ Veale
Silver Fox, Blanc de Hotot, Champagne d’Argent, Cinnamon, Mini Satin
Family Street Rabbitry

Family Street is a rabbitry and 4-H group. We provide information and wonderful show and breeding quality bunnies. Our crossbreds are great for family pets or companion animals. All kits are handled from birth and litter box trained before sale.

Skylar Melbye
Palominos, Cinnamons, Netherlands, Californians
Rose River Rabbitry

I am New to Oklahoma from WA and brought along my entire Rabbitry. My main focus is my Rex and mini rex. I have a wide selection of colors of Rex currently of recognized and non recognized colors. Mini rex I am sticking to blues, blacks, chocolates, and tris. All of my rabbits are pedigreed and handled frequently by my 4yr old ?

Alysa Brook
Rex, Mini Rex, Blanc De Hotot, Cinnamon, Rex
Dawson’s Bunnie Barn

I’m a retired elementary school teacher. I started with 3 rabbits in 1984 and expanded to a full fleged rabbitry when my daughter and son started showing rabbits in FFA. After they graduated I had feel in love with the sweet fury animals and continued to raise them My daugther and I show several of our breeds in the open shows. I sell show quality, pet, and meat rabbits to all over. Since I’m retired. this is my hobby, which is a full time job. My rabbits are checked and treated monthly for ear mites. Nails and teeth are checked routinely. I handle all rabbits with care. I’m 30 mintues to an hour from the Arkansas, Lousiana, and Oklahoma state lines. in New Boston, Texas. If interested in or have any questions about any of my breeds please feel free to contact me.

Kathy Dawson
Rex, Cinnamon, Harlequin (Black Magpie and Japanese), Holland Lop, Lionhead, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, New Zealand, Standard Rex, Rhinelander, Thrianta
Painted Ridge Rabbitry

Our rabbitry started as daughter Emma’s 4H project. We have continued to grow the rabbitry to now include the rare Cinnamon breed!

Emma & Lisa Carter
Holland Lop, Cinnamon
Harvest Moon Rabbitry

Harvest Moon is a special rabbitry where rabbits are raised in a natural setting while still maintaining very strict selective breeding practices. Although the rabbits do extremely well on the show table, focus is not only on showing. Genetic health, temperament, as well as breed type are the focus of my program.

Jauson King
Flemish Giant, Cinnamon