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Rushing Rabbitry

Our Rabbitry page is on Facebook “Rushing Rabbitry & Homestead”. We breed for show but also have pet and meat quality available occasionally. Show rabbits are bred to the ARBA standard for their respective breeds and are pedigreed, pet and meat rabbits are half price and not pedigreed. Contact me by email or through my Rabbitry page if you have any questions.

Chantal & Adrian Rushing
Rex, Flemish Giant, French Lop, English Lop, Checkered Giant
Webb Family Rabbitry

Webb Family Rabbitry breeds Flemish Giants (light gray, white and steel), Checkered Giants (black and blue) and Mini Rex’s on occasion (blue, black and otter both solid and broken). We breed our Flemish to NFFGRB standards (member status pending). A.R.B.A #D4581. All rabbits will be tattooed and pedigreed prior to leaving. We will work with transports. Buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for transport and fee.

Salina Webb
Flemish Giant, Checkered Giant, Mini Rex
A&B epic Rabbitry

Dutch breeds primarily. Also mixed meats. Any breed available by pre order, place orders by Friday afternoon via text voice mail or email . I’m available to answer at most hours pick up is Saturday by order breeds. In stock any day but Friday pick up is available.any There’s a 10$ delivery fee.within a 30 mile radius. Outside of that its a little higher.

Amber Higgs
Dutch, Harlequin- dutch – flop – californian – otter – rex – checkered giant.

We’re a small scale rabbitry located near New London, MN. We raise rabbits for meat, pet, or show.

Mary Arends
Flemish Giant, English Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Checkered Giant

We are located in Iowa and are always working to improve our stock. Our rabbits are feed a diet of natural grass/alfalfa hay and greens grown by us and raised with quality in mind. We also have dairy goats and handmade goods that we offer.

Nicki Bulicek
New Zealands, California Whites, and Checkered Giants

We are a small rabbitry right now. We have two bred Flemish Giant does at this point and are adding three pedigreed Flemish Giants in a couple of months. Be sure to check back.

Sharon & Deb
Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants