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Loon Rabbitry

After fostering a little cottentail back to health we became interested in rabbits and started to do some research on rabbit breeds. We started out with netherland dwarfs and couldn’t be happier with these little cuties but when we came across the britannia petite we were hooked. We will start showing, breeding and selling in 2012, all of our rabbits are handled daily with lots of TLC. We are located in barrie, ontario and also breed canaries.

Gerry Latondress
Britannia Petite, Netherland Dwarf
Sleepy Shepherd Farm

Focusing on Argente brun’s, but have all 3 colours. We breed pedigrees rabbits for show, breeding, and meat (also for dog RAW, Prey Model and B.A.R.F diets). Our rabbits are very affectionate, well handled and socialized with children, they are our pets with a job. Pastured and rotated in the summers, naturally raised without antibiotics in small family groups.

Yvonne Seeley
Champagne d’ Argent, Argente Brun, Argente Lilac, Britannia Petite

My Grand kids and I have a few Rabbits and having a great time taking care and loving them. The grand kids take the rabbits to therapy it has been wonderful to see the difference it has made with them. I could say it has helped the whole family.

Marie Memmott
Mini Lop Dwarf Hotot Mini Rex Lion Head Netherland Dwarf Bertanni Petite
M Rabbitry

We raise rabbits for pets, show and also meat. We have over 33 years of experience in raising rabbits. Our rabbits are never inbreed and we don’t do any line breeding, so our quality stays pure and friendly. Our homestead raises rabbits outside, in cages and pens. We give each of our rabbits lots of space to exercise and involve lots of attention to each one. After all, a happy bunny is a wonderful bunny ?

Cherylynn Acker
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, Champagne D’Argent, Black Silver Fox, Californians, Mini Lops, Satin Mini crosses, Netherland dwarfs, Britannia Petite crosses
Owen’s Bunnies

We are a small rabbitry in Houston, TX specializing in Tan and Himalayan rabbits. We pride ourselves in raising good quality and sweet natured rabbits.

Sarah & Vicki Owen
Tan, Himalayan, Britannia Petite, Polish
Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets is a responsible rabbitry that raises a variety of rabbit breeds for pets.

Exotic Pets
Holland lops, lionlops, Lionheads, Britannia Petites