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Royal Misfits Rabbitry

I raise rabbits to show and sell for pet, and show.

Kelly Mcintyre
Rhinelanders, Beverens, Americans, English spots, Dutch, Mini Rex, Silvers, Mini Satins, Havanas, Standard chins, Polish, Netherland dwarfs

We are a 25 hole rabbitry located in NW Arkansas. We raise pedigreed Blue Americans, White Beverens, Chocolate Dutch, and Golden Palominos. Currently selling out of Champagne D'Argents. Contact me if you are interested, I would be happy to answer your questions! We also sell Custom Built Rabbit Cages!

American, Beveren, Dutch, Palomino, and Champagne D'Argent
Loriwestfalls Rabbitry

I raise my rabbits and an enjoyable hobby.mynniece shows rabbits at our local fair.

Loriette Westfall
Beverans, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex, Polish, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Dutch

Black, Blue, and Chocolate Beverens; Magpie Harlequins; Black, Blue, and Broken Polish and Rex and Satins for meat/fur.

Andrea Roob
Beveren, Harlequin, Polish, Rex, Satin

My primary reason for raising rabbits is just because I like them. My Flemish, Rex and Beverens are raised in colonies of 8 to 10 does in large pens bedded with straw. Most of these rabbits have never seen the inside of a cage.

Ruth Kime
Flemish Giant, Standard Rex, New Zealand (Red, white and black), Rhinelander, Beveren/Flemish cross

Small Urban Rabbitry located in Atlant specializing in Flemish Giants Blue, Fawn, Light Grey, Sandy. Also raise Belgian Hares and BEW Beverens. Quality rabbits at resonable prices.

Jason Wilson
Flemish Giant, Belgian Hares, BEW Beverens