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Romestar Rabbitry
Romestar Rabbitry

raising Belgian Hares and Tans

Kathleen Garland
Belgian Hares and Tans
Silver Desert Rabbitry

I raise pedigreed and registered New Zealand Reds/Broken Reds and Belgian Hares. I have show, pet, brood, and meat stock available.

Misty Kollen
New Zealands, Belgian Hares

Small Urban Rabbitry located in Atlant specializing in Flemish Giants Blue, Fawn, Light Grey, Sandy. Also raise Belgian Hares and BEW Beverens. Quality rabbits at resonable prices.

Jason Wilson
Flemish Giant, Belgian Hares, BEW Beverens We breed Black Otter Mini Rex, Belgian Hare and New Zealand and California. We offer fully pedigreed rabbits and rabbits for fiber and meat. Please check out our website for more information and for availability.

Erin Stone
Belgian Hare, Mini Rex, New Zealand, California
Happy Tails Rabbitry

We are a family run rabbitry, located in south Jersey (USA). I have own rabbits for many whole life and I’m currently going to college to become a vet. We breed show and breeding quality rabbits, we specialize in English Spots and our side breeds are Belgian hares and English Lops. We are ARBA members and strive to meet their breed qualifications. I started up through 4-H and got hooked! All of our rabbits have been exposed to anything from crowds, other pets, to small children to help them adjust quicker in there new home. All of our kits are worked with and handled from day one. Our rabbits are family and are treated as such, exercised , loved , and spoiled daily. These fury, cuddly creatures will quickly melt your heart away.

Sarah Schreiber
Belgian Hare, English Spots, English Lops
Last Paige Rabbitry

I am a very small rabbitry that breeds mini and standard rex, Also Belgian hares. I focus on the tri-colors, harlequin, and brokens with my rexes. The minis and hares are papered.

Belgian Hare Rabbit Mini Rex Rabbit Rex Rabbit