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Small rabbitry with three breeding does and one buck. We are not registered but raise rabbits as pets and for meat.

Julie Lenz
American Sables, Californias, New Zealands

This is a relatively small rabbitry with a total of about 75 rabbits. Few, but so good. The kids have some great bloodlines and winners to back them up. American Sables and Polish are the main breeds.

Bruce Hutchinson
Polish, American Sables

We raise a small number of pet quality netherlands. Mostly sable and sable marten with the occasional sable point. We hope to get some show quality does to go with our good bucks so we can offer show quality offspring in the future. We have american sables available now and are steadily establishing some more does. We are working hard to cull out the flyback fur which is a fault to DQ on the table. Most of our original stock has a show record with our main buck qualifying for GC. We should have american chinchillas and crosses to sable and palomino available starting late spring of 2014.

Shawna Earel
American Sable, Pet Quality Sable Netherlands, American Chinchillas
Heart of Hope Rabbitry

I have American Sables that I breed for pets, meat, and breeding stock. These are very specially loved and enjoyed bunnies that have a purpose to our little acreage. I do sell my rabbits so if you are looking for one of the best companions you can have, please check out my rabbitry. American Sables are known to be a hardy meat rabbit up to 9lbs at maturity and one of the friendliest rabbits. My rabbits have been coming in three colors as purebred sables… black, brown, and white with Californian markings. I am enjoying raising my rabbits and helping others grow as a rabbitry also.

Julie Lenz
American Sable, New Zealand
Shadow Valley Rabbitry

I raise show quality, pedigreed american sables and Californians in Corunna MI. Contact me through Facebook, email, or phone if you are interested in getting stock. I have some available a great deal of the time.

Hunter Oliver
American Sables and Californians
Double K Rabbitry

We have Mini Rex in almost all varieties, beautiful Red New Zealand have a little whites and hoping for blacks, French Lop, Cremè de argent, and American Sable, not all are bred but if you want something specific just ask. Prices will vary on variety, quality, and breed. I have pet, show, and meat rabbits.

Kobe Epperly
Mini Rex, French Lop, New Zealand, Creme de Argent, American Sable