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Azure Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry dedicated in raising rabbits for pet show brood 4-H and meat. All are pedigreed and friendly.

Laura-ann Stewart
American (Blue and White), Polish (Lilac Blue Chocolate and Brokens), Lionheads (Assorted Colors)
Wild Willows Rabbitry

Wild Willows Rabbitry is family owned and operated focusing on providing quality rabbits for your breeding, and growing needs for pet and meat stock. Our family rabbit barn offers pure and cross bred rabbits of Californian, American and New Zealand (White) breeds. We currently are working on raising pedigree breeding pairs also. All of our rabbits are socialized with our children, raised with love and care and we work closely with the buyers to find the right bun for their needs. As new members of the ARBA we aim to keep quality care of our herd with their cages, and focus on only providing ideal stock to our customers. We welcome visitors, emails, comments and questions and look forward to working with you for your new addition to your herd.

Amanda Isley
American, Californian, and New Zealand

We are a 25 hole rabbitry located in NW Arkansas. We raise pedigreed Blue Americans, White Beverens, Chocolate Dutch, and Golden Palominos. Currently selling out of Champagne D'Argents. Contact me if you are interested, I would be happy to answer your questions! We also sell Custom Built Rabbit Cages!

American, Beveren, Dutch, Palomino, and Champagne D'Argent

We are raising American Blue and Champagne d’Argent rabbits for meat according to permaculture principles. We are experimenting with raising some of them on pasture in “rabbit tractors.” Pedigreed breeding stock sometimes available.

Jessi Brown
Champagne d’ Argent, American Blue
A and C Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our rabbitry is run by our small family with everyone helping out. We breed American Blue rabbits for show, 4H, pets, personal consumption and pelts.

Cecilie and Alejandro Villalon
American Blue
Fat & Happy Rabbitry

Fat & Happy rabbitry is a small rabbitry paying more attention to quality not quantity. We raise American Blues , opal Rex, New Zealand whites. We strive to keep good records clean facilities and healthy live stock

Curtis Butler
New Zealand, American Blue/ Rex opal/ New Zealand White