United States | Wyoming

DJ Rabbits

Striving to raise quality Californian rabbits in Wyoming.

John and Debbie Severeide

We raise rabbits both for pets and meat. We keep our operation small to give the best care to the animals. They have room to run in a protected outdoor area, not just caged as in many operations. We love our rabbits and want others to as well.

Jennifer and Dave
Californians, New Zealands, Mini Rex
Rockin J Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry for now. My mom has been breeding and showing since the 80s and now it’s my turn! Right now we have an amazing pair of Standard Rex and Californians.

Jessie-Lauren Foster
Standard Rex, Californians
Green Key Rabbitry

I raise Rex rabbits in Buffalo, WY, for show, pet, and/or meat. My purebred Rex are shown at ARBA shows, but make loving, calm pets as well. I do mix Rex with Silver Fox and NZ to produce meat rabbits as well.

Kristin Ellis
Rex, meat crosses
BAP’s Bunnies

We started raising a rabbit for 4-H and turned into full fledged breeders in a matter of just a few months. Our daughter raises New Zealand Whites and mom raises Dutch in both chocolate and blue. In the past we have dabbled in Holland Lops, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex (chocolate only), and New Zealand Reds and Broken Reds.

Jami and Brooklynn Salo
New Zealand Whites, Dutch

There is four members in this rabbitry. There is Selina Steiert who is the leader of our rabbitry. Then there is me Abby Odell,Charlotte & Claire Golden. Abby Odell and Selina Steiert live in Laramie,Wyoming. Charlotte and Claire Golden live in Colorado.We raise mini rexes and Holland lops. We raise show quality rabbits. Me and Selina Steiert are involved in the rabbit project in our local 4-h program. If you are interested in getting a show rabbit just call or text Selina Steiert at 307-399-9511.Or we could meet you at a local rabbit show.

Abby Odell
Mini Rex & Holland Lop