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Simply Angora
Simply Angora

Simply Angora is a cozy Rabbitry nestled in the wooded hillsides of Southwest Virginia. Our goal is to bring you quality English Angora rabbits as well as the finest hand-spun yarns. We are now happy to introduce Hillside Hollands, our new top show line of Holland Lops. Please visit our website to learn more.

Amy Albano
English Angora and Holland Lops
Wood Haven Rabbitry
Wood Haven Rabbitry

We carefully breed our pairs to bring out desirable traits such as deep colors, loving temperament, and excellent health. Our bunnies make wonderful pets. All our our rabbits are sold with pedigrees.

English Angora
Romestar Rabbitry
Romestar Rabbitry

raising Belgian Hares and Tans

Kathleen Garland
Belgian Hares and Tans
Wild Country Rabbitry
Wild Country Rabbitry

Hello I specialize in Holland lops, Netherland Dwarfs and velveteen Lops. Here at wild country we strive to provide customers with Pet quality healthy and well socialized bunnies we are a small Rabbitry that breeds only purebreds quality not quantity is our motto All of my rabbits are loved and cared for every day

Holland lop, Netherland dwarf ,velveteen Lop
Rattle Creek Rabbitry

We raise rabbits for show, pets, meat and fiber.

Nina Cipriani
Rhinelander, New Zealand Whites, English Angora

LivingStone Lops is located in the Northern Virginia Metropolitan area. We strive to provide every customer with a quality, pedigreed, healthy and extremely well socialized bunny. We are a very small rabbitry having one litter at a time so each and every little kit gets individual nurturing and handling. LivingStone Lops is a closed rabbitry for our bunnies health safety. We do not ship our bunnies.

Robyn Stone
Holland Lops