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Oak Summit Farm

At Oak Summit Farm we produce quality pedigreed rabbits for brood, pet, market and show.
Our breeding program consists of three breeds, New Zealands, Flemish Giants and Holland Lops. We are a small rabbitry that focuses on quality and strives to better the breeds we deal with to the best of our ability. We have the harder to find black and broken black, as well as REW New Zealands. Our Holland Lops are offered in many colors including tort and brokens. And our Flemish Giants are something we are very proud of, in colors of Sandy and Fawn.
We love the rabbit for it’s versatility and value them as prized livestock and beloved companions. We often have quality breeding stock for sale and young bunnies that make wonderful pets.

New Zealand, Silver Fox, Flemish Giant

I have a small rabbitry located in Central Vermont. I work exclusively with Mini Lops for Pet and Show homes. I have a variety of colors including Tri, Chocolate and Red!

Andrea B.
Mini Lops
Whelan Rabbitry

Rabbits are very young and friendly they are already trained and love too be held by any age. These bunnies are also therapy rabbits and will bring magic to your door. They enjoy living outdoors year round with lots of greens, carrots, pellets, fruit such as apples or bananas and plenty of water. During the winter make sure they get a lot of hay for warmth and eating.

Patty Whelan
Netherland Dwarf, Lionheads
Brezzy Butternut Farm

We are a new rabbitry in Georgia, Vt. where we raise and sell our bunnies for pet, project, and meat. We raise our bunnies on love. Form the moment they are old enough they are held and loved to prepare them for their new homes as pets. Our bunnies are very kind and friendly and no strangers to being held and loved. If you are looking for a friendly and lovable pet rabbit that you can be sure will love you back Give us a call. We have very reasonable prices for our bunnies.

Chris and Melissa Cobb
Lion Lop, Large Dwarf, and large dwarf and Flemish Giant cross breed we call Giant Dwarf

Rabbitry Description: Beautiful Holland lops in colors; chocolate, tri`s and chinchilla to name a few. Breeding for type as well as color. Show, brood and pet quality available. Go to my FOR SALE page and also click the link to my rabbitry FB page for the latest updates.

Lesley Faulkner
Holland Lops
Maple Grove Rabbitry

We are a small family owned rabbitry. We are eager to improve our stock, and look forward to meeting all new breeders.

Pam Spear
Holland Lops