United States | Utah

Terry Petersen
Standard Satins & Mini Lops
Hoppy Haven Rabbitry

My goal at Hoppy Haven is to offer high quality, pedigreed show and breeding rabbits as well as meat rabbits from various breeds. I love everyone of my bunnies and want the ones I sell to find good homes where they will be loved and cared for. I am learning more about breeding colors together as well for the best traits.

Michelle Oviatt
Holland Lop

Our rabbitry is located in Bluffdale Utah. We only breed Holland lops and our main focus is to produce genetically strong animals with Great temperament and type. We only breed within our own herd to protect our rabbits. All of our rabbits have daily playtime,the best diet in the industry and spacious custom built wooden hutches. They are handled and interacted with daily. What sets us apart is that we started the potty training program that many are claiming,but our rabbits live in wood floors not sure cages. They are clean and tame. We are the only USDA approved Holland Lop rabbitry in Utah,we are licensed and registered ARBA rabbitry and BBB accredited.

Giovana Willits
Holland Lops
Kettle Rabbitry

Here at Kettle Rabbitry, we are a family run business. We raise rabbits in a clean, well-maintained environment. We are striving to have the best New Zealand line that we can produce show quality animals along with top producing quality commercial stock. We offer Black, Whites, Reds, Broken Black. We also offer top quality Dutch in Blue, Black and Steel. We have Stud Bucks, Breeding Does of all colors. We are also a member of the ARBA.

Mark Kettle
New Zealand New Zealand Dutch
All Original Rabbitry

We are a little rabbitry right now but are still growing. We love our rabbits and make sure they get the love and care they need!

Brooke B.
Holland Lops
Nazca Rabbitry

Here at Nazca Rabbitry we are dedicated to raising purebred and pedigreed Netherland Dwarfs in some of the common varieties as well as the rare! We strive to produce Quality Netherlands from outstanding, and phenomenal bloodlines from across the county. Our rabbits have placed high at national and local shows and the reason for that is that I am dedicated to the improvement of the breed through careful selection and breeding. My goal for my breeding program is to breed as closely as possible to what the Netherland Dwarf standard calls for, concentrating on body type, coat and ears. Temperament is a crucial factor in showing, breeding and companion pets. I specialize ONLY in Netherlands concentrating my efforts to breed top quality bunnies that place well on the show table as well as bring joy to families that are acquiring companion animals.

Linda Feick
Netherland Dwarf