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Loppy Lion bunnies

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Holland Lop, Lop-eared
D and B rabbit- tree
D and B rabbit- tree

Small rabbitry located in Beeville
Texas. We strive for quality in our babies, not quantity. We are proud of our bunnies and welcome visitors.🐰

Hotot-Holland lop,Mini Rex , Jersey Woolys, New Zealand’s
D and B rabbit- tree
D and B rabbit- tree

A small rabbitry located in Beeville tx.
We strive for quality, not quantity. So it has to be first come first serve.

Bobbie- or Dale
Holland’s, Hotot, Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex and N Z’s
Texas Oaks

Small hobby rabbitry

Mini lops American fuzzy lops
The Bunz Hole Rabbitry

We are a small family rabbitry specializing in the Blue variety of Flemish Giants. We also raise Holland Lops in Orange, Frosty, Chin, and Tort.

Heather Gear
Flemish Giants & Mini Lops
Kathryn Leigh bundle of joy rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry south of Abilene tx. We have holland lops , New Zealand’s, mini satin, standard Rex, California,

Mini satin, standard Rex, holland lops, New Zealand, California