United States | South Dakota

Thomas-Toth Rabbitry

We are selling English Angora’s and Angora Lionhead cross rabbits. They come in a variety of different colors and range in weight from 3-5 pounds. They are fluffly and adorable rabbits with beautiful manes. We are located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada!

Savannah Toth
English Angora, Lionhead Angora

We are a small Rabbity in Western South Dakota, specializing in Mini-Rex. We also have two heritage breeds, the American Chinchilla and the Silver Fox.

Ginger and Tom Fonck
Mini Rex, Silver Fox, American Chinchilla
Broken Arrow Rabbits

Specializing in raising quality meat rabbits. Currently raising pure bred New Zealand Whites, and Californian / New Zealand White cross breds.

Paul Eitel
New Zealand Whites

We are a new rabbitry breeding meat, pet, and show rabbits.

Beth Chapman
Champagne d’ Argent, Californians, Himalayans, and Harlequins
K&K Rabbits

Approximately 35 hole rabbitry in western SD. Specializing in English Spots (gold & black). Also raise Mini Rex (tort, black, sable point & brokens of those varieties), Holland Lops (black, tort, sable point & brokens of those varieties, & Netherland Dwarf (broken). We attend shows in SD, MT, WY, & CO.

English Spots, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf
Ethereal Rabbits Rabbitry and Farm

I’m relatively new at raising and breeding rabbits. I breed Harlequins, and fell into Mini Rex crosses, currently and eventually want to raise Californians as soon as I can expand. If you’re interested email me.

Cheyenne Albers
Mini Rex