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Sabrina’s Rabbitry

I will be having kits off my two red sable rex rabbits soon. I’ll also be having Lionhead kits in about 4 months or so. I also offer stud use of my bucks. Currently, I have a red sable standard rex for stud use, a blue silver fox for stud use, an English brown spotted for stud use, and an apricot lionhead for stud use. 864-328-5771. Text only please. I’m in Anderson, SC.

Sabrina Cudd
Rex, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf
D&B Rabbit Farm

We are SC Rabbit Breeders that currently have a 24 x 60 building filled with great rabbits.

Dawna Berry
Flemish Giants, Rhinelander, New Zealand White, Californian, Mini Rex, Dutch, Lion Head, San Juan, Holland Lop, Mini Lop
Terra Farm

Small homestead rabbitry.

Tom Simes
Florida White, Mixed fancy breeds, American Sable, Florida White, Multi-colored Martins
SweetGrass rabbitry

Very Small Rabbitry specializing in friendly, healthy Show or pet quality Angoras in Variety of colors.

Gayle Hall
English Angora, English Angoras
Becs Bunnies Rabbitry

I am a small rabbitry just starting up… the holland lops are my favorite! I am located in upstate SC, near Clemson.

Rebecca Hooker
Holland Lops
Cottonwood Farms

We are a small rabbitry focusing on breeding and raising rabbits for meat, pelts, and as pets. We also strive to inform the community on the awareness of raising rabbits for food. Most people have no idea that the USDA claims that rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat know to man, not to mention that it is great on the grill.

Lucas Quattlebaum
New Zealand