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Sand & Stars Rabbitry

Sand & Stars is a new rabbitry {starting up in 2016} with a meat pen trio of New Zealand White (NZW) rabbits. Litters are projected to be ready beginning Spring of 2017 with plans of expanding the herd to also include other color varieties and even other breeds. My rabbits are interacted with multiple times throughout the day and fed twice daily a roughage & pellet diet.

Dianne Daignault
New Zealand, New Zealand White
Bellevue Rabbitry

The Rabbitry consists of five does and three bucks, all New Zealand Whites.

Robert A. Plante
New Zealand Whites

We have about 30 buns presently. We raise our buns for show as well as for pets. All our buns have pedigrees. We often have a wide selection of buns for sale.

Jill Morton
Holland Lops
Clover Ridge Hollands


Kelly Burton
Holland Lops

Have been Raising quality Dutch Rabbits since 1970. I started in 1970 In West Warwick RI and Relocated to San Dimas Ca for 33 years and I am now back in West Warwick where I am starting up my Dutch breeding program. I will soon be breeding and showing and helping new people into rabbits to start off on the right path. See you soon and bunny’s will be soon to follow.

Tony Marandola
Log Cabin Rabbitry

Small farm breeding New Zealand Whites and Californians. Breeding stock and meat productions.

Lucille Guilbault
New Zealands, Californians