United States | Oklahoma

Austin Rabbitry

We are a 30 hole rabbitry near Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have raised rabbits off and on for 11 years. We currently only show Tans, but raise a few other breeds as well just for fun! Our rabbits are handled a lot by our children, and are part of the family. We support 4-H and FFA.

Lori Austin
Tan, Mini Rex, Lionhead, English Spot

My name is Jamie McCoy. My rabbitry is located in Atoka County, Oklahoma. At the present time I raise Jersey Woolies and Mini Rex. I am hoping to expand soon, as I desire to raise other breeds. Rabbit lover from childhood explains my involvement. My bunnies are very well nurtured, and are members of a clean, stress free environment, with plenty of exercise and lots of love! I plan to start breeding again in September so I will have fall bunnies ready to go. My only problem is I fall in love with ALL of them, knowing I can’t keep ALL of them!

Jamie McCoy
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex

Home grown, spoiled rotten dutch kits!! Of show quality yet not established enough yet. I am looking forward to completing my application with the American Rabbit Breeders Association.

Misty Thurmond-Barnett
Dutch (Blue and White)

The Chughole Farm Rabbitry is a small operation with only about 10 brood does and half as many bucks. We’re small enough to be able to keep the facilities clean but just big enough to be able to selectively breed for good quality bunnies. Our rabbits are wormed 3 times a year and vet tested for coccidia and worms routinely. Bunnies are tested and must be negative before being sold. We breed for individual show rabbits and also for meat pens. (Because of the small size of our rabbitry the number of meat pens we can make are limited so we recommend reserving your pens in advance.) We show our rabbits in Oklahoma and north Texas. Please visit our webpage at www.thechugholefarmrabbitry.com to see some of our show accomplishments.

Laura Thomas
New Zealands (Red, Black, Broken Black and occasionally Broken Red).
Roda Rabbitry

My husband, Chad Hanna, and I raise New Zealands and American Blues. We are raising all the varieties of the New Zealands. Bloodlines include Esterline, Rummerfield, Mangione, & Basgil/Borden. Have show stock, meat pens, and breeding stock for sale. 4-H & FFA discounts. Call or text.

Roxanne Hanna
New Zealand, American Blue
GingerBred Bunnies

We are starting rabbit breeding /sales out as a family as my children start going to the 4H club.

Melissa Jones
Mini Lops, Champagen D’ Argents