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SZG Rabbitry

We are a small family rabbitry located in the heart of Ohio. We started as a 4h project and couldn’t help but fall in love with the breed. We only raise pedigree Holland Lops . Everyone participates in the care of the rabbits every day so all of our bunnies are well adjusted to being handled by not only adults but young children as well. We are members of the HLRSC . Please feel free to check out our business facebook page SZG Rabbitry or contact us by email. Szgrabbitry@gmail.com

SZG Rabbitry
Holland Lop
BJ Rabbitry
BJ Rabbitry

Welcome to our rabbitry page! BJ Rabbitry is a small family rabbitry located in Springfield,Ohio. We breed, show, and sell our quality Mini Lops. At our rabbitry we like to focus on quality over quantity and color.We are members of the Ohio Mini Lop Rabbit Club, Ohio Livestock Boosters 4h Club and Springfield Rabbit and Cavy Club. We have had great success so far in our short few years of breeding rabbits. Many Top 10’s, Top 6’s, BOB’s,BOS’s, Up for BIS 5x at numerous local shows and OSRBA 2016/2017. In 2017 we were able reach a goal of ours and have some of our top quality sent out West. We breed year round and have rabbits available all year. Our main focus is breeding and showing exceptional quality Mini Lops while occasionally finding some their forever home. If we do not have a rabbit you are interested in feel free to message us and we will help you locate one within the rabbit community. Feel free to call or text anytime 937-972-4662 or 937-972-4665

Bailey and Brittney Jackson
Mini Lops
S & B Rabbitry
S & B Rabbitry

I raise Netherland Dwarfs. I have been raising Netherland Dwarf for several years and showing around Ohio and at Nationals with great success. I raise several litters year round and if your interested give me a call (937-592-2332) and I will tell you what all is available. All rabbits are raised on a self watering system and handled almost daily, thus making them tame. I also make nest boxes and tattoo boxes which makes tattooing 100% easier, safer and only one person can do it. You can find more information at our website at www.mayfarms.com/Rabbits.html.

Bob Payne
Netherland Dwarf,
KJC Rabbitry

I breed Jersey Woolies, Mini Rex, and Mini Lops. All of my rabbits are fully pedigreed and showable. All of my rabbits are handled on a daily basis and are very friendly.

Kylie Baker
Jersey Wooly, Mini Rex, Mini Lop
Rummel Rabbitry

We are a small family Rabbitry that breed high quality Purebred Californian Rabbits for show, 4H, breeding and food consumption.

Kristi Rummel
Hudaks Rabbitry

We have mini rex in many colors tri, castor, black, broken, chin, and more also have Netherland dwarfs broken, chestnut, otter, silver marten.

Candace Hudak
Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf