United States | North Dakota

Blue Mountain Rabbitry

Our rabbitry is now 5 years old and through selective breeding we have been able to put out some of the best rabbits possible in terms of size, growth, reproduction success, and breed characteristics. We raise our rabbits for pets, meat, 4-h projects, breeding stock, and fur. Our current breeding rabbits include: Baby-sand color female Flemish Giant, Blue-blue male Flemish Giant, Vinny-sand male Flemish Giant, Ghost-white male Cross, Rosebud-red male New Zealand, and breeding pair of Dutch. Will also be incorporating several different colors to our breeding program this year. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Chris Davis
New Zealand, Flemish Giants, Flemish X New Zealand, and Dutch
Bullseye Bunnies Rabbitry

We bred and raise New Zealand and Mini Rex rabbits

New Zealand and Mini Rex
North Prairie Rabbitry

We currently are raising satin rabbits for both show and meat. Show rabbits are pedigreed.

Lisa Miller
Lone Pine Ranch

I raise a small number of Dutch rabbits. My rabbits are well fed, well cared for, carefully maintained, and completely tame. I am actively involved in 4-H and have won the Wells County Fair two years running with Champion Breeding Rabbits. I’ve chosen the breed for its relaxed nature, it’s smaller build, and their beautiful markings. I have Blue, Black, and Tortoise Dutch. Because I own a smaller number, I have been able to devote more to the ones I have. Give me a call, or message me! ?

Veronica Opdahl
Ramie’s Rabbitry

I have a small rabbitry here in North Dakota, where I raise and show Netherland Dwarfs. I specialize in Sable Martens and REWs. I strive for quality, not quantity. I usually have some bunnies for sale… just email me or call and ask!

Ramie Rath
Netherland Dwarfs

We are a small breeder with 24 sr rabbits in southwest North Dakota. We breed New Zealand, Californian, and Mini Rex. We breed all year round,with new litters born every two weeks. Lots to choose from! Check us out for your rabbit needs

Landa & Robert VanderWal
New Zealand, Californian, Mini Rex