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Give me a call if you are looking for purebred holland lops. I have the small, blocky head, smashed look faces and shorter ears of the true holland lops, also the smaller weight of around 3 lbs.

Jodie Waller
Holland lops
Nestbox Farms Rabbitry
Nestbox Farms Rabbitry

We have been raising rabbits for 30 years and currently use all of our experience to focus on the New Zealand. We house all 5 colors recognized by the ARBA and strive very hard to produce good quality kits. We usually have something available so let us help you with your next or new addition. Whether your needs are for pet, show, breeder or meat we are happy to help. We love what we do and hope to hear from you soon.

Jimmy Tyndall
New Zealand
Brier Patch Bunnies
Brier Patch Bunnies

Brier Patch Bunnies is dedicated to preserving the treasures of yesterday for tomorrow’s generations.

Silver Fox Rabbit, a Heritage Breed that is listed as “Threatened”
Candy’s Lionhead Country rabbitry

We are a small hobby rabbitry that specializes in dwarf breed rabbits. I am a current ARBA member. My goal is to produce healthy quality bunnies with sweet loving personalities. All babies are kept indoors and handled daily and have been introduced to the litter box at a young age.

Candy Hardwick
Double Mane Lionheads, Fuzzy Lops and Holland lops
Wabbit Habitat
Wabbit Habitat

We raise and sell quality Holland Lop rabbits in an environment like no other. They have 2 story hutches inside of huge 10 X 10 covered lots where they can romp and play and climb on rocks and go through tunnels. The boys are separate from the girls and the babies are healthy with fresh air and sunshine on them whenever they want. But when it is hot, fans cool them as do the huge trees they nestle under which also keep the cold winds off of them in the winter. Inside the hutch nice thick nests of straw awaits them for bedtime. Fun toys are inside and out to chew on and play with. They are handled daily which makes them very friendly. They also have a 14′ x 4′ run, a 3 story play area and an isdide play area in bad weather. You can also find Wabbit Habitat on Facebook and our channel on youtube.com.

Debbie Phillips
Fully Pedigreed Holland Lops
Tar Heel Rabbitry

Tar Heel Rabbitry is a small Youth based rabbitry located near Winston-Salem, NC. Our goal is to produce healthy Holland Lop rabbits that adhere to the breed standard. Our main focus is showing our Holland Lop rabbits. From time to time, we will have young rabbits for sale as well as some adults. Please email us for information and to check about rabbits we may have for sale or about upcoming litters.

MA Fleming
Holland Lops