United States | New York

Bonnie’s Bunnies

Have available black New Zealand pedigreed. Also whites, first generation [no pedigree at this time] and Flemish Giants, sandy colored varieties, first generation [no pedigree at this time].

Bonnie Walters
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites and Blacks, Flemish Giants Sandy Colored

We have Pedigree Florida White and The RARE American Chinchilla Rabbits, As well as Californian and hybred for meat.We started up last year and building. If you have any question please feel free to contract us.

Philip Davis
Florida White, American Chinchilla, Californian and hybred for meat
Windy Willows Rabbitry

We have a nice small rabbitry, we have about 100 rabbits. My daughter Jeanette, son Joe and myself raise rabbits and attend shows, we have many registered and Grand Champion rabbits in the Barn. We take our time breeding and cull non show worthy rabbits. What we sell is good stock and comes out of some of the best lines in the Country.

Anita Trautwein
Mini Satins, American Chinchilla, Havana, Holland Lop, Rex
Eureka’s Rabbits

We are a single rabbitry divided now between 2 locations. We have been raising and showing rabbits now for over 15 years. Our main breed has always been the French Lops. We have dabbled with just about every breed out there.

Erika Dickerson & Donna Fillmore
French Lop, Holland Lop, Fuzzy Lop, Standard Chinchillas & a few English Lops and Mini Rex

We specialize in English Lops; raising show quality rabbits in Upstate New York. Our goal is to perfect the breed not only for type, but for personality as well. We spend several hours a day in our rabbitry giving each and every rabbit one-on-one time essential to socialization and happiness and all of our babies are handled extensively since birth. Not only do most of our rabbits meet show quality standards, but they also make loving house pets. Check out our Nursery Page for current litters – our kits will make you melt! We hope you enjoy our rabbits as much as we do. Find us on Facebook for current updates!

Jamie Thurlow
English Lops
Spice of Life Rabbitry

Spice of Life is run by a Youth 4H’er working to breed quality show, breed worthy and pet Flemish Giant rabbits. We focus on Fawn and Sandy colors for size and standard.

Aaron Deak
Flemish Giant (Fawn and Sandy)