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Sweet Dream Farm American Fuzzy Lop & MINI Plush Lop Bunnies

Our High Quality, Beautiful, Friendly Pure Bred American Fuzzy Lops babies are available year round. They are kept INDOORS and handled daily, so they are sweet, and people friendly.Please email me, or go onto my website to learn more about this small, fuzzy, gentle breed and start the process of putting a deposit on one. I do have a waiting list usually, so the sooner you get on it the better. We carefully select our small breeding stock to produce excellent bunnies for you. WE ARE TAKING DEPOSITS NOW FOR OUR UPCOMING LITTERS. Fuzzy Lops are a small breed – only 3 to 3 1/2 pounds Full Grown. They are a Gentle Rabbit, not hyper, not aggressive. They are raised with Human contact Every Day which insures they are VERY socialized, easy to handle and friendly when you buy one. They are handled with kindness and gentle hands, get the best food and always have clean cages which produces a high quality, friendly, healthy bunny. These are Pure Bred American Fuzzy Lops than can be registered. With your adorable bunny you ALso get: Its Pedigree, food, written information and a healthy bunny chew toy. They can live in a hutch outdoors or in a rabbit cage indoors. The are very fuzzy, cuddly, adorable with the flopped down ears and make a wonderful pet for anyone. Rabbits are Very clean animals, Smart – can learn to do tricks and know who their masters are. Our rabbits (parents of the bunnies) are used for animal assisted activities with children with special needs and 4-H programs. This breed is prefect for the person who wants a gentle, adorable, cuddly best friend. I recommend purchasing a “Rabbit Care Book” from a local pet store, the proper cage and bunny supplies “BEFORE” you pick up your bunny. Again – this is NOT a common breed, and we are not a “Bunny Mill” and there are NOT al lot of local breeders. SO, if you are serious about purchasing one of our baby bunnies, we will hold one with a deposit. We are adding the VERY RARE Devie D’Annaballe PEDIGREED line originally from Ohio, of Mini Plush Lops to our rabbitry as well. They are low shed, VERY Small, some say hypoallergenic bunnies. These 2 bunnies are the Rarest, sought after Small Lops available. You can be part of our waiting list with a deposit. Sold as loving Pets only.

American Fuzzy Lop
Mini Plush Lop
Mini Lop
Idyllwilde Farm

We love our adorable and affectionate Holland Lop rabbits! Ours are rare and beautiful blue eyed bunnies. All the babies we raise either have blue eyes, or carry the blue eye (Vienna) gene. We’re sure their small size, curious personalities and sweet faces will charm you as well! Our rabbitry is unique because our bunnies live inside, in the heart of our home. They are much more than “livestock”, they are our pets, our children’s playmates and our companions. We handle and play with them every day so they are calm and friendly around children and household noises. The babies we sell are also litter trained, pedigreed and come with care instructions and an initial supply of food. We raise only a limited number of bunnies, so be sure to contact us if you are interested in adding a rare, sweet and beautiful bunny friend into your life.

Idyllwilde Farm
Holland Lop, Blue Eyed and Vienna Marked Holland Lops
Traband’s Rabbitry

Traband’s Rabbitry is a family owned and operated rabbitry located in central New Jersey. The different breeds that are available here include, Netherland Dwarfs, BEWs, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Lion head, Dutch and a few cross-breeds, LionLops, Mini Lops & Netherland Dwarfs. All of these make amazing pets, especially for families with small children. As a family owned and operated Rabbitry, this allows my 2 young daughters 9 & 3 years old, to help hand raise every litter that’s born here. This really helps each kit grow comfortable with heavy handling that is typical with younger children, as the learn how to handle the bunnies.

Kelly Traband
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Lionhead, BEW, Mini Lop, Dutch, Mini Rex

My rabbitry is located in warren county new jersey. I raise quality Mini rex and lionheads rabbits, for show and pet. I am currently in feathers n fur 4-h club i have been in this club for all most 4 years now and i very much enjoy it. i have had rabbits all most all my life and so did my mom and her sisters. my goal as a breeder is to produce quality stock mini rex. I will continue to raise Mini Rex rabbits and lion heads for the foreseeable future. We hope you enjoyed seeing our Mini Rex.

Ivana Waldele
Mini Rex
Berry Babbits

We are an “all around” rabbitry focusing on food fiber and fun, with TEMPERMENT taking headlines! All Baby bunnies are handled regularly from birth, come with full or partial pedigrees and a weeks supply of food to get you started! We are 4H and FFA friendly and always happy to help out new rabbit people with starter packages or just to answer questions. Baby bunnies are typically ready to go home around 8 weeks of age. Our rex are bred for size and mellow temperament along with stunning pelt, they make a wonderfull all around breed great for meat pelt or even better as pets Our angora focus on fiber and temperament, we stirve to breed a sweet mellow angora with great fiber who will sit and let you hand spin directly! Our English lops and Velveteens (under development) are bred for personality, these large lap bunnies are the puppydogs of the bunny world and make amazing pets!

Gemma Martin
Rex, Standard Rex, English Lop, Velveteen Lop, Angora
Wood’s Rabbits

I exclusively breed tort colored Holland Lops, which is the original color of the Holland Lop native to Holland region within the Netherlands. I breed them for pets and for show purposes. These rabbits are known for their docile temperaments and enjoy the company of people.

Melinda Wood
Holland Lop