United States | Nebraska

Zimmerman Farms

We have excellent breeding stock of New Zealand and Californian meat rabbits for 4H projects,pets or to supply your family with a very healthy protein alternative Our rabbits are on all natural feed pellets and prairie hay

Jim Zimmerman
New Zealand, Californians
Bellevue Bunnies

We are a small rabbitry raising Florida Whites and Dwarf Hotots. We show at 4-h and ARBA rabbit shows

Laura Day
Florida White and Dwarf Hotots
Timber Creek Rabbitry

I have castor and opals with the possiblilty of red, blue, black, and amber.

Brittanie Malander
Rex, Standard Rex
Bletscher Rabbitry

We have owned many breeds of rabbits for several years. This is our first year of breeding. We have litters of show quality Jersey Woolies year round.

Kathy Bletscher
Jersey Wooly, French Angoras, French Lops

All bunnies come with Pedigrees In Nebraska.

Kathy Drawbridge
English Angoras
Cottontail Corner

Rabbits are raised in a family environment and handled often. Rabbits do come with nails clipped and are wormed. Rabbits for sale almost year round.

Andrea Tiemeyer
Mini Rex, Flemish Giants, Jersey Wooly