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Hensen Farms Rabbitry
Hensen Farms Rabbitry

I’m Kaitlynn, and welcome! At Hensen Farms, we raise, show, and breed three different breeds of rabbits professionally though ARBA: Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Mini Rex. My main focus is my Dwarfs currently. I am working on the shaded project with the blue and black tort varieties, but sell other varieties from different groups occasionally. Here we also are getting into the cavy project if that is something that interests you. We do offer, having been 4Hers ourselves, 4H discounts, and attend as many ARBA shows as we can get to. It is always fascinating to learn more about the many breeds! I highly suggest 4H rabbit kids to go to a show or two to check it out and see how it works.

Kaitlynn Hensen
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Shamrock Rabbits

Montana rabbitry raising pet and show quality Holland Lop rabbits. Many colors including Torts, Broken Torts, Blacks, Broken Blacks, and Broken Black Otters. Rabbit breeder for over 5 years. Conveniently located in Yellowstone County, west of Billings.

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Mtn View Kritters

I raise a variety of breeds in a variety of colors in a small ARBA registered rabbitry in the Clark’s Fork Valley. I raise rabbits for quality of body and coat, but most importantly for temperament. So if you’re wanting to raise rabbits, show rabbits or desire a soft, quiet pet – please check out my website: www.mtnviewkritters.com. I not only provide a quality rabbit, but also the support you need to keep your “kritter” happy, safe and healthy.

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I am a youth breeder that have gone all out with Rabbit breeding!!!! i am in Central Montana breeding just a few of the many breeds of rabbits my prides and joys are my Flemish giants. Breeding Fawns and Sandys in Flemish, Broken black and black in Mini Rex and the standard colors in Champs and Calis!!!! but in Mini Rex i do get the pop of another color every once in a while so just see what i have in the best way is to go to my website and go to contact us table!!!!!

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Rockin M Rabbits

We provide quality Holland Lop rabbits for show, 4H, and pet. Our website is rockinmrabbits.com

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Lil Tails Rabbitry

I continue to strive to improve my lines and staying within the guide lines of the Standard of Perfection handbook . I am a member of ARBA,National Federation of Flemish Giants,Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association, and the National Silver Fox Club and the American Satin Rabbit Association. I feel very strongly about only producing the best I am a hugh animal lover and I want to keep every breed up to and beyond the standards. I also have 4 dogs (german Shepherds which i breed as well and a mini aussie ) I raised rough coat collies and siamese cats for years and growing up we had tons of pets all the time.so I love what I do….liltailsrabbitry@gmail.com 406-370-6331

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