United States | Mississippi

Heart of Dixie Rabbitry

A small rabbitry focused on producing temperament friendly and show quality English Angoras, but above all, making sure our bunnies find their way into loving and attentive homes.

English Angora
Voorhies Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry that breeds french lops,checkered giant cross new zealand, flemish giant cross new zealand, and a few other breeds, we raise our rabbits for pets and also meat. All rabbits are very tame and any make great pets!

Stephanie Voorhies
French Lop, Checkered Giants and Flemish Giant Crosses

We have a 6 acre farm . Raise Flemish Giants, Dutch and Lion Heads. Our rabbits are cooled in summer and heated in winter. We handle and feed grain and hay daily.

Sheryl Phillips
Flemish Giant, Dutch and Lion Heads
Real McCoy Rabbitry

We are a small home-based rabbitry in central Mississippi. We breed and raise show quality rabbits. We have been breeding and raising rabbits since spring of 2011.

Jamye McCoy
Mini Lops, Dutch, Mini Rex
The Bunny Barn

We are a small rabbitry, but we take extreamly good care of our rabbits. We are just starting breeding and also we sell coustomized rabbit houses. We started with just one doe that we were told was a buck and grew from there. We now have 3 main bucks for the New Zealand breed. We have 1 buck for the Mini Rex breed. We also will breed others does with our bucks. Our rabbits range in color from white to black. We have a chincilua buck, a black buck, and a pepered black and silver buck. Our females are Black Broken, Red Broken, White, and Sanjuan.

Jason Epps
New Zealands, Mini Rex’s, California Cross, Polish Cross
Jessica King

White and Browm

Jessica King
American Chinchilla