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PlushHeart Rabbitry
PlushHeart Rabbitry

PHR specialized in the true Mini Plush Lops! These adorable bunnies are 2 to 3.5lbs, have super velvety soft rex fur, fun and mellow personalities, a cute plush animal appearance, and they SHED LESS! Our rabbits are decendants of Devie D’Annaballe’s original stock and are raised with our family for yours!

Alice Moore
Mini Plush Lop
Lops & Lions

Hello, my name is Samantha and I currently have 3 rabbits. Levi is a purebred Holland lop with a dark grey color, Daisy is a purebred Holland lop also with light brown fur mixed with dark brown, Hurley is my Lionhead. My co-Breeder has a Lionhead named Blue. I have been breeding Holland lops for about 3 years, Lionhead rabbits I only bred for 1 year. I always make sure that my rabbits have a yearly check up to maintain their health. Before letting my bunnies go to their forever homes I make sure that they are ready and that the new owner is fit and will give the bunny an amazing home just like the one they came from.

Samantha Bukosky
Holland Lop & Lionheads
Furry And Me

We are a member of ARBA and we breed mostly holland lop but we do offer french lops and flemish giants ones in awhile. We can have some cross breeds as well. By visiting our website you can get more information about us.

Anna Velichko
Holland Lop, French Lop, Flemish Giant

Warmer than Wool focuses on the breeding and raising of angora rabbits. Our rabbits are excellent fiber providers but are also fantastic companions used to lots of human interaction. We prefer to breed French and English angoras for the best combined traits of each breeds fiber. Our rabbits are raised indoors with litter pans, they do have supervised outside time in large pens to play in the grass and eat the clover. We typically have a few rabbit litters of different ages for people to adopt and each rabbit is a minimum of ten weeks before they receive a new home. Aside from the rabbits we adopt out we have our own herd we are constantly getting fiber from. Warmer than Wool often has both angora fiber and angora yarn for sale as well. We hope you find time to take a look at our fluffy companions!

Lydia Perlick
English Angoras

Our Holland lop bunnies are raised in a safe and snug environment. They have a 100 square foot enclosed romping ground for digging in, eating plants, and playing hide and seek with each other. They are tame enough to be handled by any child and some even lick people. They are very silky and can use litter boxes. Our elderly sheep dog loves to nap beside them. We breed rabbits companions for children and families. Our rabbits are at least 8 weeks old, eat both solids and greens, and fully weaned before adoption. Please check our website for updates and adorable photos.

Matt Lynch
Holland Lops

We are a small rabbitry in northern Minnesota raising and showing Champagne D’Argent and Silver Fox (Black Variety). Our two favorite Heritage Silver Breeds! We are members of: The American Rabbit Breeders Association The Minnesota State Rabbit Breeders Association The Champagne D’Argent Rabbit Breeders Federation

Debbie & Joe Moose
Champagne d’ Argent, Silver Fox (Black)