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Kerfluffle Fiber Farm
Kerfluffle Fiber Farm

Our farm is nestled in Lebanon, Maine where we raise Alpaca, Olde English Southdown Babydoll Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Angora rabbits, Lionhead rabbits and Heritage Silver Fox Rabbits.

Our mission is to produce extraordinary animals with exquisite fiber and premium quality products.
Our Maine farm focuses on quality and not quantity.
​We make a fuss over our fluff!

Silver Fox, Lion Head, German Angora Hybrid, Satin/German Angora Cross
Bartons Rabbitry

Small rabbitry in South Western Maine owned and operated by a retired local farmer , Franklin Barton. with 20 to 30 available rabbits at most times.

Franklin Barton
New Zealand, New Zealand – Satins Mix
Razzy’s Rabbitry

Specializing in indoor litterbox trained, happy, healthy, family friendly, lionhead rabbits.

Megan Poulin
Lionhead Rabbits
West Falmouth Rabbitry

About 25 breeding does and a nice selection of males… meat rabbits also available during most of the year.

Daniel Feiner
Red Satin, Rex, New Zealand Whites, Flemish Giant, California, Lionhead

We breed several different types of bunnies in a variety of colors. All our bunnies are handled daily from as young as a week old till the time they are homed to get them ready for their new families as pets. While we do focus on standards of excellence, we also push for new colors and more unique patterns. Our main goal is to provide healthy and very companionable bunnies.

Jonathan Jones
Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Micro Rex, Angora, Flemish Giant
Wild Eden Rabbitry

Wild Eden Rabbitry is a small family rabbitry specializing in high quality Californians for both meat and show. Our stock comes from nationally competitive lines and we frequently travel out of state to show. We are selective and mindful in our stock and every rabbit, regardless of whether it’s destined for the show table or soup pot, receives socialization starting at birth. On occasion we may offer English Spots (in black or blue variety) for sale which make excellent “hopper” (i.e. jumping) rabbits for 4-H. For available rabbits, please check out our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WildEdenRabbitry which is always updated with we what currently have for sale.

Lauren Verow
Californian, English Spot