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Shawve Angoras
Shawve Angoras

I breed quality French Angoras, I sell show quality/brood stock and occasionally woolers to be spinner companions. I am a spinner and knitter as well and offer classes to teach others how to use the wonderful fiber that comes from their rabbits. I am working on Chinchilla, Agouti, fawn, and harlequin/tri color in French Angoras. I might have occasional Giant Angoras. please feel free email me.

Shawna Vencel
French Angora Giant Angora
Walkup Heritage Farm

Heritage farm featuring heritage breeds of various farm animals, including the Silver breed of heritage rabbits. Price $50 each. No shipping.

Michael Walkup
D and B Acres Rabbitry

Youth breeder raising quality Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, and Britannia Petites.

Dawn Bookwalter
Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop
Cedar Lane Rabbitry

I raise only pedigreed Flemish Giants in the Blue, Light Gray, Black, and Steel Gray colors. My rabbitry is well ventilated and clean. I am a minister and radio announcer. My address is 1302 County Road 345 E, Albion, Illinois 62806. My phone number is 618-445-2788 and my email address is gospeltime@earthlink.net. You can also find me on Facebook.

Dave Rigg
Flemish Giant
Levi’s Rabbits

I have good quality rabbits. I have had winners at previous fairs and I have litters year round. So if you would like to call or text me at 1815-718-2037 or email me at levimeurer@ymail.com.

Levi Meurer
Champagne D’ Argents, New Zealand whites, Crossbreds
Shiloh Rabbitry

Small rabbitry in Southeastern Illinois. We raise cinnamon. ..Florida whites…and black NZ for show and meat. For some quality rabbits give us a call or send a message.

Kelby Schwarzlose
Cinnamon, Florida White, Black NZ