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Angel Rabbitry

Angel Rabbitry has quality, pedigreed Mini Rex. We breed for temperament as we deal with a children and want them to have an enjoyable experience with their bunnies. We have downsized in 2011 and only do the 2 varieties of Castor and Otter now.

Mini Rex Rabbit
Grizly Giant Rabbitry

We take pride of our rabbits. Our rabbits are from the best breeder in the nation with grant champion legs. We are also the only breeders in the state of Idaho with the best quaity flemish giant rabbits.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

I breed many varieties of Rex and Himmylayan. I am working with a friend to produce the best stocks for meet, fur, show, and pet. Thank you. ?

Himalayan Rabbit Rex Rabbit
Sunflower Family Farms

We are a small 30 hole rabbitry located in North Idaho. What started as a 4H project for my daughter, has turned into true love for both of us and we like to travel to shows and hang out with fellow rabbit breeders.

Dutch Rabbit Mini Lop Rabbit Polish Rabbit
Bentley Creek Rabbitry

Bentley Creek Rabbity is a small rabbitry raising quality Holland Lops for pet, breeding and show. We strive to produce beautiful type and good temperament in our herd.

Holland Lop Rabbit
Robyn’s Rabbitry

Small, but growing, rabbitry with mainly Standard Rex and Mini Lop breeds. I currently have two beautiful Rex does; one is broken black and the other a tricolor.. My buck is a 11.5 lb blue otter.
My Mini doe is a carmel agouti and my bucks are broken blue and black (father and son).
I enjoy supporting the 4-H program and all families who want to start their own rabbit breeding operation whether it be for pets, show, meat, or fur.

Mini Lop Rabbit Rex Rabbit