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Blackberry Creek Mini Farm Rabbitry

GA Dept. of Agriculture Licensed Pet Breeder/Sales Lic 36104417 Various breeds of rabbits; Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Champagne D’Argent, Standard Rex, Harlequin, Lion Head. All are pet rabbits/show/breeders. We offer with and without pedigrees. Handled daily. The latest pictures and litters are on www.facebook.com/BCMFarm or www.bcmfarm.com

Sherry Amerson-White
Mini Lops, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Flemish Giant, Champagne D’Argent, Standard Rex, Harlequin, Lion Head
HF Farm

We are a small family owned and operated farm in Rockmart, GA. Our main focus is breeding quality Mini Lops and Mini Plush Lops. We breed and raise descendents of the original Mini Plush Lop herd of Devie D’Annaballe of Ohio. All our babies are raised in our house for daily interaction and love!

Jessica Hendrix
Mini Plush Lops and Mini Lops
Mountain Rabbits
Mountain Rabbits

Pedigreed Medium-Sized Meat Rabbits: Champagne d’Argent; New Zealand; Silver Fox

Daniel Jacob
Champagne d’Argent, Silver Fox, New Zealand
SpringHill Rabbits

As a young farmer with a degree in Agriculture from the University of Georgia, I wanted to further develop our line of pedigreed, all-natural rabbits at our family’s SpringHill Farm in North Georgia. Conducting careful research on leading edge micro-farming, we were fortunate to expand our breeding bloodlines to give specific attention to superior genetics. Our emphasis is on a clean and modern environment with proper nutrition to produce an exceptional, healthy and non-stressed rabbit. We offer only Pedigreed New Zealands, and have them in each of the five genetic color varieties. You can learn to mix and match your colors for exciting breeding results here. New Zealand rabbits have a proven record for efficient breeding, meat that is leaner than chicken, exceptional fur, award winning show stock and gentle pets. For decades, they’ve been known for efficient weight gain, rapidly reproducing, easy to raise, docile and extremely healthy. We have the breeding adult or baby you want today, or you can pre-purchase your young rabbits from our next litter. We ship nationwide. SpringHillRabbits@gmail.com or (770)827-2179

Roger Bonds
New Zealand, Pedigreed New Zealand Red, White, Blue, Black and Broken
Big B’s Bunnies

New Zealand breeding age does and bucks.

Brandon McRae
New Zealands, Belgian lops
True Harmony Rabbitry

American Chinchillas and New Zealand Whites mostly – with a few New Zealand Reds and also mixed crosses. Rabbits raised in large Hutches. Fed a diet of pellets and a variety of naturally grown wild-crafted greens. Rabbits get lots of individual attention. Email me at ksetyes@yahoo.com for prices and additional details.

Sanders Thornburgh
American Chinchillas, New Zealand White