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Brandywine Bunnies

We are a small rabbitry located in Claymont, DE just north of Wilmington and approximately 45 minutes south of Philadelphia. We breed pedigree Holland Lops for show or pets. We hope that you enjoy exploring our site and find a special little friend to adopt. Our site is frequently updated so check back often for our latest available kits.

Claire Gillick
Holland Lop
Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry

We are located in the First State: Delaware. The rabbitry was established in 2007. We became an American Rabbit Breeders Association Registered Registered Rabbitry in 2007. Our rabbitry number is A452. We breed three types of angoras: English Angoras, French Angoras, and Giant Angoras. We also breed and exhibit Flemish Giants in Black and Blue, along with Mini Rex in BEW and Red as well as Red Rex.

Melissa Deitrich
Angoras, Flemish Giants, Mini Rex, Rex
Graylyn Bunnies

We are bunny lovers and started with just one pet bunny, Bunbun. She became a good friend of us and she is the reason today we own a small rabbitry. Initially we started breading Bunbun and gave the babies as gifts for friends and family who loved bunnies. We added another female Lilly and started breading her too. As the fluffy family started growing we required additional funds to take care of them. so we thought of selling the babies when they are 6 weeks old for a very reasonable price that would help all bunny lovers to have a wonderful friend.

Rohith Baskar
Californian, Mini lops
Delaware Rabbitry

Serving the DelMarVa area. Our rabbits range from great quality pets for children young and old, to show animals, to meat production animals for the backyard prepper. Sweet personalities are promoted with special attention and tin toys to play with in their cages making a noisy fun environment. Healthy, adorable litters being produced through out the year. Located on a 6 acre home farm in tax free Delaware. We are a retired couple raising rabbits for the love of animals. We work by appointment only but can generally adjust our schedule to fit into yours. Easy access to major routes. 15 minutes West of the Cape May Lewes Ferry and 10 minutes from the Rehoboth Beach Tanger Outlets. Call or text 302-448-6738 appreciated between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Betsy Heslin
Flemish Giant, New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Blues, New Zealand Broken Blues, New Zealand Reds, New Zealand Broken Reds ,New Zealand Broken Blacks, American Blues, Champagne D’Argents
Harris Rabbitry

Proudly providing rabbits to 4H and state fair competitions Offering cage systems for a rabbitry that has a clean-out system that makes for happier and healthier animals. We our located in Laurel De and Serving all of Delmarva, We are always happy to talk about rabbits. Please call or email Us for more information.

Richard Harris
New Zealand, New Zealand Whites, New Zealand Blues, New Zealand Reds , New Zealand Blacks, New Zealand Broken Blacks, New Zealand Broken Reds , New Zealand Brokens Blues, American Blues, Champagne D’Argents, Blue Eyed White Beveren , English Spots
Morgan’s Rabbitry

We are located in Wilmington, De. We have pedigreed adults whom breed high quality rabbits. Please email us at hoku45@yahoo.com or call us at 3022527009 or 3022206653 for further information.

Misty Mitchell
Lionheads, Angoras, Lops, Mixes of each breed