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Lynie’s Leapers Rabbitry
Rex, Continental Giants
White Pickets Farm
White Pickets Farm

Small family rabbitry specializing in mini plush lops!

Mini plush lops
Mini rex
Holland lops
StoneHill Rabbitry

(Formerly Mountain Valley Rabbitry)
We are a small rabbitry raising our bunnies Colony Style with Lots of love and attention – very rarely is anyone in a cage. All of our babies are handled daily from birth by myself and soon after by my toddlers as well. Parents are used to dogs, cats and small children and babies are raised around it all to get them used to is as well. They are able to romp, forage and Binky around!! We are currently working on Completely New color varieties so follow our Facebook page to see all the progress!!

*Coming soon* Continental Giants!!!

Call and leave a message, text or shoot me an email for your next fur baby!

Flemish Giants, Rex, Holland Lops and Giant Rex
Sunny Bunnies Rabbitry

I am a hobby youth breeder and owner of Sunny Bunnies Rabbitry. Sunny Bunnies is a very small, Colorado-based rabbitry committed to raising Holland lops at reasonable prices for pets, brood, or show. ALL bunnies are loved, socialized, and friendly when they leave my home. Whether you want to talk bunny, or you’re looking for a furry friend, you can either email, call or text me OR you can go to my website! Looking forward to hearing from you! ?

Tatelynn Blood
Holland Lop
Rodeo’s Rabbits

I raise show rabbits. Holland lops, American Fuzzy lops, and Rhinelanders.

Bailey Shumpert
Rhinelander, Holland Lops, Fuzzy Lops
Last Ditch Hoppers

I have a small rabbitry in Arvada, Colorado. I have been showing and raising Angora Rabbits for 9 years now. I am a member of both ARBA and NARBC.

Cheryl McMurl
English Angoras, French Angoras