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Bae’s Magic Top Hat Rabbitry

Specializing in show and pet quality rare colored dwarf breeds.

Baeh Librada Costa R.
Holland Lop, Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf.
Blue-Bell Rabbitry

Breeder of Show Quality Stock Since 2006, Raising Blue, Chocolate and Black Dutch, Palominos in Golden, and Harlequins in the Japanese variety. Usually have stock available all year round.

Dutch Rabbit Harlequin Rabbit Palomino Rabbit
Summerfield Rabbitry

We are a relatively small outfit who breeds and shows French Lopso. We have provided many rabbits to FFA and 4-H members. Our rabbits are handled from day one and are very sweet. We are working on breeding for great type and variety of colors. We exercise our rabbits regularly so they keep their muscle and shape and feed them appropriately so as not to have fat rabbits. Our children handle and show our juniors and we are pleased with our herd thus far. Follow us on Facebook at Summerfield Rabbitry or go to our website www.hopskipthump.com

English Lop Rabbit French Lop Rabbit
The Rabbit Hill

A mid sized rabbitry specializing in rare colors of pet and show HL, ND and MR dwarf rabbits. Our rabbits are well socialized, healthy and purebred. We are open by appointment only. Bunny sitting available. Experienced international and domestic shipping since 1999. Excellent references available.

Holland Lop Rabbit Mini Rex Rabbit Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

We are a small rabbitry located in Benicia CA we Currently have Mini Lops, Netherland Dwarf, and Holland Lop.
Mini lops: Chinchilla, silver tip steel, black, and Smoke pearl
Holland lop: tort
Netherland: Sable point, fawn, black otter, chinchilla, blue, lynx, opal, and chestnut

Holland Lop Rabbit Mini Lop Rabbit Netherland Dwarf Rabbit
Scuttlebutt Rabbitry

Small rabbitry in Southern California raising Tans in Black, Blue and Chocolate.
Also have Himalayans in Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.

Himalayan Rabbit Tan Rabbit