United States | Arkansas

We are a 25 hole rabbitry located in NW Arkansas. We raise pedigreed Blue Americans, White Beverens, Chocolate Dutch, and Golden Palominos. Currently selling out of Champagne D’Argents. Contact me if you are interested, I would be happy to answer your questions! We also sell Custom Built Rabbit Cages!

American, Beveren, Dutch, Palomino, and Champagne D’Argent
Lou Lou’s Rabbitry

We are a small rabbitry in east Arkansas. We specialize in Tri colored Mini Rex!

Kassie Brann
Mini Rex
R2 Farms

We are a family run rabbitry specializing in meat rabbits with a wonderful variety of colors. Our rabbits are bred for meat or make perfect pets.

Micheal Williams
New Zealand, Californian, and Hybrid Meat Rabbits
Rudd’s Rabbitry

I am a teenage girl in Arkansas with my own rabbit business, with the help of my parents of course.

Jazzlan Rudd
New Zealand
Paquette Rabbitry

We are located in Beebe Arkansas. We sell rabbits for meat, breeders and family pets. We have beautiful and healthy White New Zealand,Red New Zealand, Californian, Chinchilla and a mix between all these for anyone wanting meat rabbits. I also have purebred New Zealand (white, red and black) Rabbits. The cost is $10 for 8 to 15 week olds, $20 for purebreds aged 8 to 15 weeks, $30 for 4 months and up and $40 for purebred 4 months and up. For more information contact me at cspaquette@sbcglobal.net or call 501-681-5027.

Charlotte Paquette
New Zealand, White New Zealand, Red New Zealand, Californian. Also have Chinchilla and mixed between all the breeds.

Meat/pets/snake feed

Zachary Worley
New Zealand