United States | Arizona

Forbes Furrytail Rabbitry

We are a small Rabbitry in Scottsdale, Arizona specializing in pedigreed French Lop rabbits and non-pedigreed Lionhead rabbits.

Michelle Forbes
French Lop, Lionhead, Holland Lop
Cardon Critters
Cardon Critters

Our rabbitry raises and breeds quality Holland Lops for pets and show. We can deliver within the valley. Please check our Facebook for updated sales. Our rabbits sell faster than we can post them.

Kenneth & Kristen Cardon
Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop
R-D Rabbits

Raising new zealands for meat and pets. I have 6 does and 2 bucks, scaled down when youngs farm closed down… had 300 does and 20 bucks back in the day.

Ronald Cowper
New Zealands
Dry Creek Rabbitry

My rabbitry consists of rabbits bred for pets, breeders or feeders. They are humanely raised and are healthy, happy rabbits. They are fed a good diet which includes a good quality pellet, fresh hay and lots of greens from our 100% organic garden. We began raising rabbits because we wanted a healthy meat for ourselves and to provided an alternative to kibble for our dogs. By knowing what goes into our rabbits, I am confident that the meat they provide is as healthy as it can be.

Sally Gates
New Zealand, Californians, Flemish Giants

We have polish rabbits, weight: 2 1/2 lb in black/blue/cholc/ broken/bew/rew.

Valerie Beckwith
Polish, Satins, Californians, Mini Rex, Mini Satins
B & B Rabbits

I breed and raise purebred Silver Marten rabbits. Right now I have a very small set-up (only two full-grown rabbits), but I hope to expand very soon. The Silver Marten breed can be used for pets, showing, and meat. All my rabbits for sale have been handled since birth and would make wonderful family pets.

Marlayna Batchelor
Silver Marten