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2-K Farms KJV1

For Sale New Zealand White We raise meat rabbits for commercial breeding and processing plants. We supply breeder rabbits for beginning farmers. 18491 Dell Lane, Andalusia, Alabama, 36421

Kerry Davis
New Zealand Whites

I am a ARBA Registered rabbitry and member. In my barn I raise Mini Rex I strive to improve the quality of the breed one rabbit at a time. I am located just south of Birmingham Alabama. Transport of rabbits can be arranged (at times) into other parts of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana.

Bobby Lewis
Mini Rex
Golden Rose Rabbitry

We are based in Victoria Australia and breed quality Dwarf Lop rabbits. We focus on temperament, health and the shape of our rabbits. Prices range from $40 – $50.

Laura Robinson
Mini Lop, Dwarf lops (In Australia)
Rocky Road Rabbitry

Rocky Road Rabbitry is a small rabbitry just outside of Barrhead Alberta, focusing on raising good quality meat rabbits, while also breeding for temperament, good looks and fur. We’ve got a variety of rabbit breeds from new zealand whites and silver foxes, to flemish giant, harlequin, california, satin and cinnamon crosses. Our rabbits are handled often, and raised with lots of affection and human interaction. We breed year round, so we almost always have rabbits of any age and size, that would be great for pets, meat, or breeding stock. We aim to keep a variety of rabbit breeds to mix and breed based on our favourite colours, qualities and characteristics. We are relatively new to raising rabbits, and are increasing our herd based on the demand for happy, healthy and good quality rabbits.

Emily Zdrodowski
Flemish Giant, Silver Fox, New Zealand, Cinnamon, Satin, Harlequin, California

We are a small Rabbitry in South Alabama! Currently raising beautiful Rhinelanders and Pedigreed Netherland Dwarf. Contact for updated pictures of our stock!

Shenan Temple
Rhinelander, New Zealand, Netherland Dwarf
Maple Front Rabbitry

Show quality Mini Rex

Tessa Leonard
Mini Rex